Artist Statement

My art explores personal and cultural connections by uniting images of traditional tribal masks and totems with contemporary portraits. Traditional ethnic tribes were not isolated; their lives were shaped by the world of road and trade as much as by village life. My weavings examine how society is affected by the greater accessibility of diverse cultures, which are unavoidably reinterpreted through our own experience.

All art comprises elements which express values and attitudes that are products of past experience. I view my reinterpretations of tribal art as a conduit, providing new avenues of connection to our collective history. Though there may be vast differences in materials, techniques, purposes and dogma, I believe that tribal art expresses a shared humanity, often manifested through the use of the human face.

I use facial imagery to reveal how increased dialogue with other peoples redefines us as individuals. My weavings reflect the cross-cultural experience by reducing it to a personal, rather than societal viewpoint. These works observe other cultures through a reverse prism, taking disparate images from differing times and places, and merging them into a narrative whole, where both images lose parts of themselves in translation.